About us


Dear visitors,

The door to the world of “TRAUR” – a funeral service, where we take care of every detail, so that your memory of loved ones remains bright and respected forever, is opening for you.

We strive to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, where you can calmly express your feelings, share memories and, together with us, remember the life lived by your loved ones and relatives.

In the moments of farewell, when words become too weak, we, the TRAUR team, stand by to support you in a difficult time. Our mission is to create not just a farewell ceremony, but a memory that reflects the depth of feelings and the uniqueness of each life story.

Over many years of our work, we have learned that each destiny is a unique chain of moments and emotions. We feel the importance of each deceased person and pay tribute to their life with respect and dignity.

Our professional consultants are always ready to help you in difficult times. We do not just create ceremonies, but support you at every step, doing everything possible so that you can express your feelings and honor the memory of a person close to you.

Each fate is an unforgettable story, and we are proud of the opportunity to create a worthy farewell, which helps loved ones to survive grief and preserve the warmest memories.

We understand that the memory of those we loved will always remain, and we are here to help you make this memory forever unforgettable.

Our team of “TRAUR” funeral service consultants is ready to answer your every question, listen and understand your wishes and help you choose the services that will most reflect the uniqueness and importance of the memory of your loved one.

Allow us to be your anchor point in this difficult journey through the shadow of loss. We promise that your trust will be respected and every detail will be thought out with care and respect.

We are always ready to help you – we will accompany you in mourning so that the memories of your loved one become a light that illuminates your path forward.

With respect and condolences, Team of funeral service “TRAUR”