Cargo 200

Cargo 200 (Transportation of the deceased Sumy)

Time is like a moment in the sand, it is impossible to stop its course, sometimes we encounter a separation that cannot be avoided. The loss of a loved one becomes a great test for the heart, but even in this pain we have the right to say goodbye, with respect and dignity.

What is “Cargo 200”?

When you first hear the term “Cargo 200”, it may seem a bit unusual. But behind it is hidden the weight of emotions, the memory of those who left this world. This name carries a history, an evolution and a memory that deserves our attention.

“Cargo 200” is the code name for the procedure of transporting the body of a deceased person from the place of death to the place of burial. This term is used in many countries, including Ukraine, and has its roots in military vocabulary. However, today it means not only military transportation, but also a holistic approach to saying goodbye to the deceased.

cargo 200

“Cargo 200” registration process

“Cargo 200” determines not only the emotional component, but also the legal side. Documents, permits, registration – all this is an important part of the process that allows you to cross the border between the world of the living and eternity.

The process of registration of “Cargo 200” is carefully regulated. First, it is necessary to contact a medical institution for a medical certificate of death. Next, you should agree with the funeral service about transportation. The organization of the Vantazh 200 Sumy service includes preparing the body for transportation, drawing up the necessary documents, and choosing a ritual vehicle. 

During the preparation and transportation of the body, great attention is paid to the observance of cultural and religious traditions. This helps relatives and loved ones feel supported and respected for their beliefs.

Sometimes words become superfluous, and it is difficult to express emotions through them. “Cargo 200” helps us express the grief and inspiration we feel when saying goodbye to a loved one.

In the process of transporting “Cargo 200” in Sumy, relatives and friends can be present, or they can go to the destination. This moment allows them to be close to the deceased at all stages of the journey.