Manufacturing and installation of monuments

Production and installation of monuments from the “TRAUR” funeral service

The fate of a person is not only his life, but also an indelible picture that is reflected in monuments. Each of them is not just the work of the master’s hands, it is a string that awakens feelings in the hearts of those who look at these eternal images.

Wooden frame for the grave

The path to implementation: from idea to reality

Thinking: memories and insights

The idea of ​​a monument begins with a moment of thoughtfulness. Memories and insights come together, taking shape and depth.

Flying on the wings of an artistic vision: creating a sketch

An artistic vision is embodied on paper, creating a sketch that approaches reality. The Creator opens his heart to us, transferring it into an image.

Eternity in a moment: erecting monuments

First touch: when the stone connects with the ground

The first touch of the monument to the ground is the moment when it becomes part of our world. It connects the past with the present, creating an eternal interweaving of times.

Traces of time: monuments as ice sails of our past

Time leaves its traces on the monuments, making them even more alive and expressive. The stone acquires structure and reflects history.

The strength of “TRAUR” funeral service: hugs of support

Help in pain: a light hand during a difficult goodbye

“TRAUR” funeral service is help that is felt in every touch. Hugs of support provide an arm and a shoulder in difficult moments of separation.

Warming Memories: The Importance of Keeping Memories

Memories of the deceased warm hearts and recreate an image in memory. A monument is a way to preserve history and share it with future generations.

Memory that warms: the importance of monuments in our lives

Words written on stone: how every image has a story

Each monument is an image that consists of words, rhythm and form. Each detail has its own story that tells about the life of the deceased.

Flying in the breeze, memory lives: its influence on our destinies

Memory is not only a memory, but also an influence on our life. It is like a breeze that carries its messages and inspires us to act.

Ending: when outlines intersect

Monuments are a place where the contours of the past intersect with the present. They reveal our feelings, keeping alive the memory of those who are no longer there, but whom it is important for us to remember.